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What made you interested in playing the saxophone?
In late 90's my Dad bought 3 horns, Alto Saxophone, Trombone and a Trumpet (all Yamaha) for my church then, but no one to play them, so they were sitting at my house. I tried to play the Trumpet and Trombone, but I always feel dizzy after blowing them, then, I always feel that playing saxophone is very difficult because it has many keys (buttons compare to Trumpet and Trombone).

It was later when I find Kenny G's CD (Gold Collection) in my brother's room and started listening to it, loving it and how he plays…that makes me to try the alto saxophone in the house. Then I bought Mike Aremu's (a Saxophonist in Nigeria, West Africa) CD "Dance" which he released in 1999, later I started going for trainings in the year 2000. So, I started playing saxophone year 2000, but I was doing it on and off then because I also play keyboard. It was later I focused more on saxophone. Some people still know me with keyboard which I still play tho actively.

Hmmmmm, I will also say it's in my family because my Dad use to be the choir master of his church when he was young, and my mom sings also. She sings Treble. She was one of the singers while my dad was the music director/choir master of their church then in the 60s. LOL  My siblings are also into music. It's a good thing!!!
Did you go to school for music?
Nope, but I went through musical trainings and I still have tutor because one can never stop learning.
Any advice for a musician trying to embark on career in music?
I think you need to start from where ever you are right now; it's not too late and not too early. If it's what you want to do, you should start pursuing it now. It's the passion and your goal (not only about music) that is important and to be working in your dreams and fulfilling your purpose in life. NOTE: Education is very important (is the key), whatever you wanna do; even if you're talented also go through training and school for it. It will make a lot of difference and set you aside for greatness.
What brand of horns do you play?
I play Cannonball alto saxophone and RSR Curve Saxophone
What brand of mouthpieces are you playing?
I use on Beechler 8 Jazz for Alto and Meyer hard rubber 8 on soprano.
What brand reeds do you play?
I play on La Voz med soft on alto, and Roberto's Reeds 2 ½ strength on soprano
How accessible are you to your fans?
Well I try to be very accessible after events or programs; I sign CDs and take photos. I can be emailed at or I try to get back to all the emails but unfortunately… I can't answer all of them. 

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